Trends are always changing, even interior design trends. However, if you are currently designing your home, buying a new one, or refreshing your space, you may be wondering what the current design trends for your new home are. After all, you want to avoid anything that is going to be obsolete.

If you’re planning to retire and looking for somewhere to relocate, consider Solivita Living. We are a real estate agency specializing in 55+ communities across central Florida. We have 9 floor plans to choose from and when you move, you’ll have a blank slate to implement any design trend you choose.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 interior design trends for your new home in 2023.

Top 10 Interior Design Trends

Below are the top 10 interior design trends for your new home to be aware of.

Bringing the Natural World Inside

According to experts, one of the biggest inspirations for interior design is the beauty of nature. You can create an indoor/outdoor feel by sticking to natural color palettes and incorporating wood and stone. This creates an uplifting and energizing, yet calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Layered Lighting

Most homeowners are paying attention to the functionality of the spaces in their homes, as well as how the spaces make them feel. Most of the time, spaces have more than one function, which is why multi-functional lighting is important. Lighting can completely transform the mood of your spaces and help you use them better.


One of the most popular design trends for your new home is incorporating textural elements. The truth is, a space without texture is boring. The best way to increase the decadence, depth, and dimension of your space is by adding texture.


Sustainability has become an important issue in all aspects of our lives, even in our interior design trends. Many brands, designers, and consumers are producing and consuming sustainable products that are beneficial for the environment. From pieces that are made from recyclable, renewable materials to those that are built to last, sustainability may be more than just a trend- it may change the entire face of design.

Open Concepts

For some time now, sharp angles have been on their way out because edges mark out the space and limit your freedom. Now, curves and arches are the focus in everything from seating to lighting, and everything else. Curves create a softer look, which makes the space seem more welcoming and comfortable.

Warming Neutrals

In 2022, the focus was on gray and beige- these colors are on their way out and we are bringing in warm earth tones such as browns, pale pinks, and soft yellows instead. These colors create a modern, natural aesthetic and can make any space feel cozy. You can use these colors as the dominant color scheme or as accents.


Stoneware is gaining popularity in the interior design trends for your new home, especially marble and travertine. These materials are timeless and often used as countertops in kitchens and bathrooms but will be incorporated in other ways throughout other areas of the home.

Uniting the Old and the New

While it’s true that design trends are constantly evolving, it is always a good idea to unite the old with the new. Nostalgia has always been an integral part in designing spaces. By combining these older trends with modern ones, we create a space that appears comfortably lived in.

Bold Colors

Due to the pandemic, and spending more time at home, our approach to interior design has changed. In 2023, designers are embracing bold, impactful reds. This is the year to embrace unconventional color ideas and find your own color confidence. After all, your home is your space, and you should incorporate colors that make you happy.

Handmade Pieces

Sustainability and nostalgia will result in an increase in responsible shopping, as well as choosing to “shop small” and choose handmade pieces from around the world. In the past, most homeowners chose an eclectic approach to design, but as we move forward, they will be more decadent in their choices.

Make Your Space Unique

Overall, the important thing to remember is to make your space a unique reflection of you by choosing the trends that suit you. Solivita Living offers 9 different floor plans to choose from. Call today to schedule a tour to choose one that fits you and then decorate it the way you want to!