Moving is hard to do at any time of your life. If you are an older adult, there are added complications to moving along with any physical limitations you may have. Downsizing your belongings, prioritizing the process, and preparing to get settled into your new home can all be overwhelming to think about. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help make it easier. If you are moving to a 55+ community, moving tips for retirees can help smooth the process.

1. Start early

Moving can be complicated and take a lot of time. Sometimes, it takes more time than you thought. Starting early will ensure that you have the time you need to get everything organized, downsize if needed, and prepare your move. Starting early will give you the chance to get organized, line up any help you need, and address any obstacles that come up along the way.

2. Prepare one room at a time

Packing an entire house can be daunting. Preparing and packing one room at a time breaks the process into manageable chunks. Taking one room at a time can also help you keep your things organized, keeping the items from each room together. That will make it easier to unpack in your new home when the time comes.

3. Get help from family and friends

You don’t have to move on your own. Hiring a moving company will help make the move go easier, but getting help from family and friends is useful, too. Family and friends can help you prioritize what items you want to bring with you and what items you can leave behind. Your family and friends will also help you manage the process, reminding you to take breaks, and coordinating the move with you.

4. Take breaks

Part of the reason it’s important to start the moving process early is to allow yourself time to take breaks. Packing and moving is physically and mentally exhausting. If you don’t take breaks regularly, you could get overwhelmed or injured, which will just make the entire moving process more difficult.

5. Keep essentials handy

When you’re packing to move, it’s common to be focused on getting everything packed and organized for the move. But the time to pack, relocate, and unpack takes time. There’s going to be things you need before everything is unpacked and put away in your new home. It’s a good idea to separate your essential items, including medications, in a suitcase or other bag that you keep with you.

Moving as an older adult can be challenging. Following these moving tips for retirees can make the process a little easier and break the overwhelming process into something that’s better to manage. Whether this is your first move or the last of many, these tips will help you stay focused on getting settled into your new home so you can start making new memories.

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