As we age, our needs and lifestyles begin to change and we may want to start thinking about when to downsize our home.

There are many wonderful things about growing older. As part of a community of active adults, you are able to enjoy newfound freedom and flexibility for the first time in your life. If you’re ready to enjoy your retirement, downsizing your home might be a great option for you.

Keep reading to learn five signs that it’s time to downsize your home.

1. You Have Trouble With Finances 

If you are struggling with your finances, this is a sign that you should think about downsizing your home.

It is important to remember that if you are spending over 30% of your income or retirement a month, you might have trouble budgeting the rest of your expenses.

Downsizing is a great way to lower your monthly expenses and even make some money on the sale of your house.

2. You Are Away Often 

As you enter retirement, you will find that you have a lot of time and flexibility in your schedule. You can visit your loved ones as often as you like and take well-deserved vacations.

You might find that you don’t spend very much time in your home. This is also a telltale sign that it might be time to downsize your accommodation.

No need for your home to sit empty, as an active adult you can opt for a smaller place as your home base while you continue to travel and see family.

3. You Have Unused Space 

If there are rooms and spaces in your home that aren’t getting any use, you should think about downsizing.

Your house is collecting dust and you are spending money for rooms that aren’t getting any use. Many people have a sentimental attachment to their home but now that the nest is empty, you can build new memories in your retirement, in a smaller home.

4. You Are Struggling to Maintain Your Home 

A large house needs lots of maintenance, upkeep, and repairs. It also takes a lot of work to regularly clean a home. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with maintaining your home, this is a sign that you want to consider getting a smaller home.

Home maintenance can be pricey and if your home is older, there might be many repairs needed. It might be time to evaluate if the cost of maintenance is worth staying in your current house.

5. You’re Ready for a Community of Active Adults

You might have been living in your current home for many years and have seen changes in your neighborhood. It is likely that the neighborhood no longer suits your needs and lifestyle.

This is another sign that it might be time to move. Perhaps you chose your current neighborhood for its proximity to a school or your work. Now you have the opportunity to live in a community that better suits your needs.

If you are thinking about moving in retirement and you live in the Kissimmee area, Solita Living is a beautiful adult community to suit your lifestyle.

Know When It’s Time to Downsize

Though it might be hard to part from your current home, there are many things to look forward to with downsizing. These five signs will help you determine when it’s time to downsize: You are struggling financially, your home is too big to maintain, you have unused space, you are away often, and your neighborhood is not the fit for you.

If you’re ready for retirement and central Floria living, get in touch with the team at Solita Living, Florida’s real estate for 55 plus active adults.