Preparing for retirement, especially early retirement, can be a difficult journey. That being said, the reward of not having to answer to a boss is worth it. In addition to the freedom and time you gain, there are a few other unexpected pros of early retirement.

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In this article, we’ll explain a few of the advantages of early retirement.

5 Advantages

Below, we’ll explain 5 of the unexpected pros of early retirement.

Your health will improve

Improved mental health isn’t the only health-related benefit. Since you no longer have to sit at a desk, you have the chance to be active. You’ll have the time to exercise, which will lubricate your joints and strengthen your muscles- improving your quality of life.

You can pursue new, exciting interests

When you have free time in your younger years, it’s much better than having that same free time when you’re older. Early retirees have the energy to travel to, and even live in, exotic places. You have the energy to pursue new hobbies that could translate into a lifelong passion. There are so many things to try and places to see.

You’ll reduce your spending

After retirement, you have more time to look for good deals- so you end up reducing your spending. After all, when you have time to look, it’s easy to save money. For example, you can wait for the items to go on sale. Plus, you can visit attractions and go to events during non-peak hours, which will save a lot of money. The same thing goes for travel- when you have the time to travel in the off-season, you can save a lot.

You’ll make new friends

Many people hesitate to retire early because they are worried that there will be no one to have fun with during the week. The best way to combat this worry is to go to a ball game on a weekday. You’ll see a lot of fans. While it’s true that not everyone can make these weekday games, there are plenty of people who do not work a regular 9 to 5. You’ll be making new friends before you know it.

You have time to look for other streams of income

After you retire, you may be able to find other ways of making money, such as writing articles/blogs online, selling crafts/art, and so much more. The profits may not be very big- but you will perfect your art and get paid for it at the same time.


If you want to retire early, you have to invest the time and effort, as well as save and invest to get there. However, when you make it, there are plenty of unexpected advantages. If you are retiring, consider Solivita Living. We specialize in 55+ communities across central Florida. We offer a wide variety of amenities, including dining options, trips to local events, and so much more.