For many older adults, retirement offers the perfect opportunity to pick up a new hobby or rediscover an old one. After all, you’re not tied down to a job- you have the time to dedicate to yourself. Consider learning to play an instrument as a fun new hobby.

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Many retirees decide that they want to learn to play a musical instrument because music is a great way to relax and keep the mind sharp. Some might see this as a daunting task, but it can be done and you are doing it for yourself, not for anyone else.

In this article, we’ll offer a few tips for learning to play an instrument in retirement.

6 Tips

If you decide that you want to learn or re-learn how to play an instrument, here are 7 tips to help:

Dedicate time each day to practice

There really is something to the old adage, “practice makes perfect.” You don’t have to spend several hours a day practicing. Just make sure to practice little and often. Muscle memory plays a major role in learning an instrument.

Find some new music

While you may think it’s a good idea to jump right back into what you played as a teen or young adult, try some new music. This will make it seem like you are learning something new instead of picking up an old hobby. Even if you have played before, pick up a beginner’s book that you can finish quickly to give you a sense of accomplishment.

Get instrument serviced

If you have played before and you still have your instrument, take it to a music shop and have it serviced. You will be less likely to become frustrated if your instrument is in good working condition and you can play to the best of your ability.

Give yourself a goal

The best way to give meaning to your practice is to establish a goal to work towards. You may want to consider busking for 30 minutes, joining an orchestra, or signing up for a local music night.

Establish and remember your purpose

When you decide to learn a new hobby, it’s important to establish a purpose. Then, if you start feeling frustrated, remember why you are doing it. Also, keep in mind that you are doing this for yourself, no one else. You are retired, you can do what makes you happy!


When you first get started, you may struggle- especially if it’s new. Just remember that the more effort you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Don’t give up. Consider taking lessons to make the learning process quicker and give yourself more accountability to practice regularly.

Learn a New Hobby at Solivita Living

Retirement is a great time to learn a new hobby or pick up an old one and a retirement community is the best place to do it. Learning to play an instrument is a great hobby because it can help you relax and keep your mind sharp.

Solivita Living is a real estate agency that specializes in 55+ communities. We have 8 locations across central Florida. Each location offers a wide variety of amenities and activities to keep you as busy or as sedentary as you’d like during your retirement years.