Moving can be an exciting new adventure, even after retirement! Many retirees choose to move to a new house once they have reached this life goal.

If you have retired or are nearing retirement, consider relocating to a Solivita Living community in central Florida. We are a real estate agency in Kissimmee, Florida specializing in 55+ communities. We offer virtual tours and fun, stress-free closings. We look forward to making your move as stress-free as possible.

There are several reasons why retired adults choose to move. We’ll explore a few of these below:

7 Reasons Retired Adults Move

Below, we’ll go over the top 7 reasons retired adults move to a new house.

Planning Ahead for a Safer Place to Live

In 2015, 25% of older adults reported falling and 28,000 died due to falling. Things like medications, reduced vision, trip hazards, and reduced strength/balance increase the risk of falling. While many of these can be resolved, sometimes it’s best to move to a new, safe environment when planning ahead for where you would like to comfortably spend your retirement years.

Desiring a Simple Lifestyle

Over the years, we gather a lot of stuff that often just becomes clutter. At some point, it’s easier and better to simplify by getting rid of the stuff and moving into a smaller, more manageable place.


When you are younger and have children at home, a big house is good. However, as we mature, and children move away, a big house becomes a chore. Therefore, many retirees choose to move to a smaller place that they don’t have to worry about maintaining.

House/Yard Maintenance

While it’s great to be a homeowner, it can also be challenging and tedious to continue with the house and yard maintenance after retirement. This can get in the way of pursuing a social life and other enjoyable activities.

Social Life

Humans are social creatures. Connecting with others allows us not only to survive but to thrive. Unfortunately, as you mature, it’s harder to maintain social connections. Therefore, many times retirees become lonely. At Solivita Living, there is so much to do, you don’t have to worry about feeling isolated.

Closer to Family

Many retirees choose to move to a new house so they can be closer to their children and grandchildren. This allows them to be there for sporting events, recitals, or just to spend time with them as they grow up. One of the benefits of moving to a Solivita Living community is the proximity to Disney World, which may encourage your children and grandchildren to come to visit you more often.

Risk of Nutritional or Other Health Issues

Many retirees are at risk for nutritional issues and health complications due to limited income, decreased exercise habits, social factors, and more. Malnutrition leads to a variety of additional issues. At Solivita Living, we have a variety of restaurants, or the option to cook in your own unit as well as many activities to keep you active!

Check Out Solivita Living

If you are a retiree or planning to retire soon, consider moving to a Solivita Living community in Central Florida. We have a wide variety of amenities to offer including pickleball courts, ceramic rooms with kilns, a library, golf courses, and so much more. We can even offer virtual tours if you live far away and don’t plan to take a trip to Florida any time soon. We look forward to working with you!