Surviving a cold, harsh winter and grey skies isn’t always easy. That’s why if you’re a senior, it’s helpful to move to a pleasantly warm climate and stay occupied with fun things to do.

For seniors, staying busy during winter is key to staying mentally and physically healthy. It’s good for avoiding pneumonia and bronchitis and preventing boredom.

So what are some ideas for seniors to enjoy in the winter? Read on for ideas on activities that seniors can look forward to all year long.

Outdoor Games and Board Game Tournaments

Sometimes the best amenities are the ones that you can do anywhere.

Board games are already fun, but holding a game tournament makes enjoying them even more exciting. The contest could happen over a weekend or several weekends in a month.

And if outdoor team sports are more to your taste, you could opt for pickleball or golf instead of board games. Other ideas include croquet, bocce, or badminton. Fortunately, the mild central Florida climate makes outdoor games possible virtually year-round!


If you’ve always wanted to nurture your inner yogi, you could sign up for a yoga class.

Yoga is relaxing, lowers blood pressure, and helps you stay in shape physically and mentally. It’s gentle enough that even if you’ve never tried it before, you’ll do fine—there are no age requirements for doing yoga and enjoying the process.

Book Club

Book clubs help keep the intellectually inclined always learning and exploring new ideas. Book clubs generally focus on one book at a time, but there’s really no rule about that.

And there’s no limit to the number of book clubs a group of people can have, either. They’re an excellent opportunity to meet people and engage in lively conversations.

Spa, Swimming and Indoor Fitness

If you’re looking to veg out, nothing beats a trip to the spa. Most spas offer massage and other kinds of relaxation therapy to help you unwind and de-stress.

Swimming is one of the best exercises for people of all ages. Senior indoor pool activities include water aerobics, fitness lap swimming, and swim therapy. An indoor pool is an excellent opportunity for seniors to maintain their fitness during the winter season.

A Bright Winter With Activities for Seniors

It’s essential to have appropriate activities for seniors to enjoy, no matter the season. Keeping busy is the best way to stay young and fit, mentally and physically. Fortunately, central Florida offers many active adult communities with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities.

Don’t stay stuck in a cold-weather climate when there’s so much to look forward to here! At Solivita Living, we can help you find the perfect home for your retired lifestyle in a community that has the amenities you like most. Contact us today!