Florida has many things going for it if you are a retiree. From the consistently warm year-round weather to major attractions like Disney World to no state income tax, there is much to love about this sunny state. If you have recently moved to Florida after retiring in another state, you may be wondering about spring activities for retirees. We highlight a handful of them in this blog.

Take a Hike at a Florida State Park

Florida is home to almost 200 state parks that cover 1,250 miles between them. You will have no shortage of hiking trails to choose from this spring, but the state parks have much more to offer if you have mobility issues or just prefer not to hike. For example, you can explore caves, swim in 72-degree clear water, sunbathe on the beach, or even pitch a tent and stay for a few days.

Visit the Naples Botanical Garden

Do you love flowers, plants, and trees? You are in luck if you live near Naples or are up to taking a drive. The Naples Botanical Garden spreads out across 170 acres and features abundant growth from tropical and subtropical climates. Some of the cultures with plant life represented here include Brazil, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean. The Naples Botanical Garden also shows off many species grown right here in Florida.

Florida is the Golf Capital of the United States

According to the website Golf Span, Florida leads the country in number of golf courses at approximately 1,250. This probably does not come as a surprise considering that Florida has the ideal weather and available land space for golf courses.

You can find the most golf courses in Palm Beach County, which also holds the distinction of having the most golf courses per county in the United States. Whether you are a beginner or have been swinging golf clubs for a while, Golf Span’s recommendations include the PGA National Golf Club, Streamsong Resort, and TPC Sawgrass.

Like Adult Beverages? Take a Free Tour of the St. Augustine Distillery

As its name suggests, St. Augustine Distillery sits in the heart of downtown St. Augustine, Florida. The distillery owners converted a restored ice plant from the early 1900s to create bourbon whiskey, gin, rum, and vodka, and are kind enough to offer free tours and drink samples seven days a week. The staff at St. Augustine Distillery makes its spirits from agriculture products local to the city and region.

Enjoy a Variety of Cuisines Every Time You Go Out

Now that you have more leisure time, why not explore some of Florida’s unique restaurants? Eateries in the state offer everything from seafood to Cuban cuisine to home-style southern cooking. You can even combine a restaurant stop with some of the other fun spring activities for retirees.

Haven’t Retired to Florida Yet? Now is Your Chance

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