Quality bonding time is important for many people, from the oldest to the youngest family members. Spending time with the grandchildren isn’t only fun; it can have health benefits too. Trying to think of things that will appeal to different generations can, however, be tricky. No matter the age of the grandkids, we’ve put together five terrific activities with grandchildren to give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for making many magical memories.

1. Online Games and Quizzes

Especially great for families who live far from each other and grandparents who don’t get a lot of face-to-face time with their grandkids, online activities can help relatives remain connected. While video calls can be good for general chat, little kids might struggle to remain attentive for more than a few minutes. Online activities, such as games and age-appropriate quizzes, offer more fun and engagement. Themed online activities are good too, such as dressing up or holiday-focused group calls.

2. Creative Cooking

Many children love getting creative in the kitchen, and cooking or baking can be a terrific activity with grandkids of any age. Keep it simple (and safe) with little ones with things like icing gingerbread cookies or making cereal treats, and move to more detailed dishes when kids get older. You can teach older grandchildren how to, for example, make your go-to dinner party dish, bake a cake or make their favorite pizza from scratch.

3. Great Gardening

When grandkids visit regularly (and when space permits), planting a garden together provides an ongoing shared hobby. You and your grandchildren can tend to your garden together and watch as your plants flourish. Mix it up with a selection of edible plants and colorful blooms to really inspire young gardeners.

4. Excellent Excursions

Day trips often provide tons of fun and excitement for grandchildren, with the added bonus of spending time with them away from familiar distractions, like the TV and electronic gadgets. Plan trips around their interests while making sure it’s something you would enjoy too. Something as simple as a trip to the park can be great for younger grandchildren, while museums, theme parks, theatres, and the beach are other ideas to consider. Trying to match your hobbies is an awesome way to bond over common interests.

5. Trip Back in Time

Bond with your grandchildren over old family photographs and home movies. You could spend an entire day wandering down memory lane together or spread the nostalgic moments over shorter blocks of time to make it a regular activity. Many kids love learning about extended family, seeing what people looked like in times gone by, and hearing stories from the past.

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