The retirement phase is a new chapter in your life. It’s the time when you should start focusing on your health and enjoy yourself with your friends and family. Staying busy during the post-retirement phase is essential to keep your mind and body active. Many adults may shudder at the thought of daily exercises, but here’s a list of some fun and easy water exercises to help improve your health and well-being.

Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicking is an effective low-impact cardio exercise that can help seniors improve their mobility and flexibility. Flutter kicks can be performed with or without a kickboard. Hold the kickboard in front and use flutter kicking movement to propel forward and backward across the pool. Kick at a steady tempo that gets your heart pumping but doesn’t exhaust you quickly.

Arm Curls

To begin arm curls, stand in chest-deep water and hold water weights. With your palms out and arms straight down, hold the weights down. Curl your arms up and then down fast enough to feel the resistance of water. Repeat this exercise till you feel tired. You can also perform it using the same motion while facing your palms towards you.

Leg Swings

To perform leg swings, stand by the sides of the pool in waist-deep water. Face sideways and hold the edges. Swing your leg to the back and then bring forwards. Repeat this several times to increase your mobility. Then turn around and repeat the motion with the other leg till you’re comfortably tired. This exercise can help improve your balance and strength. Once you’ve gained confidence performing this exercise, you can also try performing it away from the pool edges. Always perform leg swings slowly to avoid slipping and falling.

Water Walking

As simple as it may sound, water walking is considered better than walking on land as it also requires more effort. This is because the resistance of the water will give you a better workout and increase your heart pace. Walk around in the pool or march at one place till you feel tired. This exercise helps build stamina, improve posture, strengthen your lower body and increase your heart rate. Challenge yourself for longer durations of water walking that you can comfortably handle.

Standing Water Push-ups

Water push-ups are an effective exercise to build shoulder, chest and arm strength without applying excessive pressure on the joints. To perform this exercise, stand by the sides of the pool and put your hands a bit wider than your shoulder-width on the edge of the pool. Bend your elbows and lean in to bring your chest closer to the wall, and then push yourself out and straighten your arms. Repeat this exercise till your arms feel tired.

Work Out While Enjoying Yourself in the Pool

Whether you wish to improve your strength, flexibility, or mobility, these water exercises can help with all your concerns. To get the most out of your water exercises, choose a senior community that has pools and offers water aerobics classes.

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