Maybe you have just started thinking of downsizing and selling the home you have lived in for decades. You know it is something you will need to do but imagine that you have plenty of time to prepare for the big move later. The reality is that it is never too early to start the downsizing process, even if you do not intend to move for at least a few years.

Downsizing and decluttering is an enormous task that inevitably takes longer than people expect. If you are well into your senior years, you may not have the stamina to tackle the project when the time comes. Starting early also gives you plenty of time to decide what you want to keep, dispose of, donate, or sell.

Create a Downsizing and Decluttering Plan

The thought of tackling your entire home at once can be so overwhelming that you never start. When you start the process early, you can work at your own pace and take as many breaks as you need.

People who specialize in helping others organize their homes recommend focusing on one room at a time. They also advise those who are downsizing to go review every item in the room. While you do not have to spend more than a few seconds considering whether to keep an item, this is the best way to ensure you will not have later regrets about getting rid of something you would have preferred to keep.

Get Rid of Belongings from Adult Children

Kids do not always take everything with them when they leave the nest. They might figure that mom and dad’s house will always be there to provide storage space or they could have simply overlooked some things.

Whatever the reason, you will need to communicate your downsizing and decluttering plan with your adult children. Ask them to commit to a time when they can come over to go through their stuff. You will also need to provide a deadline so they know that they cannot put off the task indefinitely.

Buy Less Stuff

Buying less stuff now so you have less to move later makes sense from a practical perspective, but you will occasionally need to buy new items. This is especially true if you do not intend to put your house on the market for a couple of years. Organization experts recommend that people planning to move invest as little as possible in the things they need to avoid forming an emotional attachment to them.

Consider Selling Valuable Household Items You Will No Longer Need

You will need to wait until you are closer to moving to do this, but you could make some serious money to help with moving expenses by selling the larger items you do not need to take with you. For example, you will not need a riding lawnmower if you are moving to a community that provides all outdoor maintenance.

Start the Planning Process by Contacting Solivita Living

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