Many school children are already on summer vacation, and those that are not will be within the next few weeks. That means your adult children will be looking for ways to keep your grandchildren busy during the long, unstructured days of summer vacation. Many families take this opportunity to visit out-of-state grandparents, sometimes for up to several weeks at a time. Whether your grandchildren will be visiting alone or with their family, you could probably use a few ideas of your own on how to keep them entertained.

Summer Vacation Activities for Preschool and Elementary-Aged Children

The younger your grandchildren, the easier and less expensive it will be to keep them busy during the day. For inside activities, consider having a daily storytime. Involve your grandkids in the process by asking them what they think about the book and its characters. You can even consider acting out the characters if you are feeling especially ambitious.

Kids love going to the park, and your grandchildren should enjoy the novelty of exploring a park that is new to them Coloring, treasure hunts, and craft projects can keep the kids busy during rainy days. Just be sure to have them get outside for at least half an hour each day to get fresh air and burn off some energy except in cases of severe weather.

Children in grade school might enjoy making a family tree with you. This activity can be the perfect opportunity to talk about your own parents and grandparents whom your grandchildren probably never had the chance to meet. You can introduce them to family stories they will tell their own grandchildren one day.

Creating a project together based on each grandchild’s interest is a great way to bond with them. From putting together puzzles to building model airplanes, these special projects help your grandkids develop their problem-solving skills while enjoying special time with you.

What to Do with Pre-Teens and Teens

Kids might not think it is cool to hang out with their family as early as 10 years old. Resist the urge to allow them to play with electronics all day by engaging them in new activities away from home. Getting outside is still important, so consider something like horseback riding, hiking, or a long bike ride.

Once you know the dates your older grandchildren will be visiting, find out if your community will be hosting any festivals or events they might enjoy. For indoor activities, introduce them to some classic board games that do not involve electronics. They might just discover that not having to turn a game on or worry about the batteries running out makes it more fun.

Take Your Grandchildren to Kid-Friendly Destinations in Central Florida

Central Florida is a great place to live and entertain guests. Here are just a handful of destinations for summer vacation activities your grandchildren might enjoy:

  • Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales
  • Exploration V Children’s Museum in Lakeland
  • Legoland Florida Resort in Winter Haven
  • Mulberry Phosphate Museum in Mulberry
  • Proctor’s Goat Farm & Goat Life in Winter Haven
  • Spook Hill in Lake Wales

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