Moving, especially when you’re retiring, can be an exciting time. You’re headed off for new adventures. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell your family you’re moving because it can lead to a variety of emotions from sadness to confusion to joy. Therefore, it’s important to keep their feelings in mind when you break the news.

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In this article, we’ll offer a few tips for telling your family that you’re planning to move.

8 Tips

Tell family/close friends in advance

Make sure that you tell your family you’re moving well in advance. Ideally, you may want to let them know when you start making plans- but at least a few months before the move. This will give them time to process the news, as well as give you people you can talk to as you deal with the struggles that often come with moving.

Don’t tell them in public

Ideally, you should share this news privately instead of in a public space. It’s not usually a good idea to surprise people with news like this publicly, especially if they tend to be emotional.

Keep their feelings in mind

It’s important to understand that it is perfectly natural for your loved ones to be upset that you are moving away. While they may eventually come around and be happy for you, don’t expect this support immediately. You can help them deal with the news by being considerate of their feelings.

Avoid making your news public before you tell your close loved ones

You should never share your plans on social media until you’ve notified all of your loved ones. If they find out without hearing it from you, they will likely be upset. After you tell those who are closest to you, feel free to share the news anywhere you like.

Throw a party

Host a get-together at your home, a restaurant/bar, or another location. This will give you an opportunity to say goodbye and to make sure that you see everyone that you want to before you move.

Hire professional movers

Moving can be exhausting and labor-intensive. Therefore, if possible, hire a moving company to do the hard work for you. This will allow you to spend more time with your loved ones.

Give them your new information

If possible, before you move, give your loved ones your new address. If not, send it to them as soon as you get settled. This will help you keep in touch.

Make it a point to stay in touch

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch, as long as you make this a priority. You can send emails or texts, make phone calls, and more. You can make plans to visit them and to have them come visit you.

Consider Relocating to a Solivita Living Property

If you are retired or planning to retire, consider a Solivita Living property. We offer 8 locations across central Florida. There are lots of amenities and activities that you can introduce your loved ones to when they come to visit you.