Making friends when moving to a new neighborhood or even a new state is challenging enough in normal circumstances. When you add moving during the middle of a pandemic on top of that, the task can seem downright impossible. The good news is that you don’t have to end up lonely and friendless in your new home when you employ a few creative strategies.

Find People with Common Interests and Connect Online

When you’re new in your home and no one is hosting social gatherings right now, the next best thing you can do is look for people who share common interests online. If you participated in a book club before you moved, for example, try going online to the website of your new local library to see if they offer a virtual book club.

While participating in virtual groups won’t be quite the same experience, it will give you a chance to see some new faces and enjoy a common interest. You can always exchange contact information and get together outside of the book club when everyone feels comfortable doing so.

Join Groups on Social Media

Even if you prefer not to connect with people individually on Facebook or other social media sites, you might consider joining some of the special interest groups they offer. Groups can range from anything to support for a medical condition to a recipe exchange or a prayer group with people who share your faith.

Some social media groups operate as pages that anyone can like or see, so just be sure that you feel comfortable sharing information publicly. Others social media groups operate privately, which means you will need to have a request to join approved by a moderator. You might feel more comfortable with the second option if you intend to share personal information.

Schedule Regular Phone Calls or Video Chats with Loved Ones

If you moved long-distance, you are probably already missing friends and family you had to leave behind. When you add in that you may not be able to see loved ones in person as often as you would like, you can start to feel quite discouraged. We recommend taking proactive steps to combat loneliness before it has a chance to set in. You could even do this before you move by asking your friends and family members which days and times work best for them to set up a schedule for video conferencing or just old-fashioned phone calls.

Meet New People by Walking Outdoors

The sunny and pleasant year-round weather conditions is one of the top reasons people move to Florida, especially after retirement. You can take advantage of this benefit by going for a walk each morning or night and see who you run into along the way. While you still want to maintain proper social distance for now, this is a great way to meet some of your new neighbors.

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