Whether you plan to move a few hundred miles within your current state or a few thousand miles to the other side of the country, moving long distances requires more work and planning than a local move. Below we offer some tips that should make this process as seamless as possible for you.

Create a Moving Plan as Soon as You Have a Firm Date

If you plan to hire a moving company, we recommend doing so once you confirmed the date you can move into your new home. Be sure to contact at least three long-distance moving companies to check availability, policies, and to receive an estimate. This should be your first task. Once you have squared away moving help, shift your focus to creating a checklist of all tasks you need to complete before the big day arrives.

When in Doubt, Throw It Out

Do you really need old newspaper clippings and books that you haven’t looked at in years? The answer to that is likely no. The old rule of thumb of throwing away or donating anything you haven’t used or looked at in the past year is a valuable moving tip. You might feel  amazed at how much less you have to transport when you stick to this rule.

Take Inventory of What’s Left

Now that you have whittled down your personal possessions, write down a description of everything you need to move along with its value for insurance purposes. Next, make sure that you label each box clearly. People often think they will remember what’s in a box only to find themselves scrambling for clothes or dishes. Moving boxes tend to become a blur after a while, and it’s easy to forget what’s in a box unless you label the outside of it.

How to Makes Things Easier for Your Moving Company

If there are any items you want to move yourself, just set them aside and let your movers know when they arrive. We also recommend creating a clear path for moving company employees so no one trips and gets hurt. That’s the last thing you need on moving day. Lastly, it’s a good idea to take a photo of each room to facilitate setup at your new location.

One Last Check

If you had to take furniture apart so it fits through the door, make sure to pack the tools to put it back together. You will also want to check your garage, yard, basement, shed, and other storage spaces to ensure that you didn’t miss anything when packing the first time. Since you will probably have last-minute additions to boxes you already packed, be sure you have packing tape and a marking pen handy.

If you want to skip packing altogether, keep in mind that some professional moving companies offer this service as well. Keep in mind that moving companies tend to book quickly during the summer and over long holiday weekends, so keep that in mind as you plan your move.

Contact Solivita Living for Further Assistance

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