Sometimes our most beloved companions have fur or scales. If you’re retired or planning on retiring soon and do not have a pet, you might be wondering which pet is ideal for retirees. When considering the ideal pet for you, you’ll want to consider how active you want to be in order to care for your new pet. Here, we’ll explore some of the most popular pets for retirees.


Dogs are among the most companionable pets. Of course, there are many different breeds to choose from. Some retirees prefer to adopt, in which case the dog in question may be a loveable mixed breed. Dogs can help seniors stay active, but different types of dogs have different exercise needs. Large dogs tend to need a more robust level of exercise. Smaller breeds or lap dogs don’t need to spend as much time outdoors to fulfill their exercise needs. All dogs love to spend time with their owners; because retirees don’t spend their days at the job, they make excellent companions for fur babies.


Like dogs, cats come in a wide range of breeds. Long-hair varieties may require more care than short-hair cats. Seniors often prefer to adopt cats because they can keep them indoors. Cats don’t require walks, and they tend to be more independent than dogs. If you intend to maintain an active social life outside of your home, a cat might be the ideal companion for you.


It’s true that fish are not as traditionally companionable as cats or dogs. However, they can be great fun to keep at home. Whether you intend to build an outdoor koi pond or set up a fish tank, you can design your fish environment to suit your preferences. Choose between freshwater fish and saltwater fish. Saltwater environments are more challenging to maintain and the fish tend to be more expensive; however, keeping fish can be a delightful hobby, and watching fish can be a great way to reduce stress.


Small rodents aren’t just for youngsters! Hamsters can be incredibly entertaining with their cage acrobatics and pint-size personalities. Seniors may enjoy designing a hamster habitat complete with tunnels and toys. Hamsters can also be handled and allowed to spend time out of their cage–provided there are barriers. You don’t want yours to get lost in your home!


Many retirees keep pet birds. There are many different types of birds. You’ll want to explore each type’s care needs in order to choose a variety that’s best for you. Some birds such as parakeets are quite affectionate and enjoy being held. Other birds are very low maintenance and ideal for seniors who plan to be active outside of their homes.

Choosing a pet can be as important as choosing a place to live for your retirement. While your choice of pet is entirely up to you, Solivita Living Agent Christina Greenslade can help you select the ideal living space in Kissimmee, Florida. Contact Christina to learn about Kissimmee’s great retiree communities.