Are you concerned about maintaining your balance as you age? With falls being one of the leading causes of serious injury among older adults, this concern is completely valid. While you can’t stop the hands of time, the good news is that you can include activities in your daily routine that help to improve your balance. Ballroom dance, an enjoyable activity that comes with numerous health benefits, is just one of them.

Lift Your Spirits with Music and Movement

Whether you prefer slow romantic dances with a partner or doing the tango with a group of friends, few things can put you in a great mood faster than ballroom dancing. Music has a way of inspiring passion in people regardless of the genre while dance takes your mind off your stress. After all, it’s hard to feel sad, anxious, or angry when moving your body and seeing others enjoy themselves so much.

Looking to Lose Some Weight? Grab Those Dance Shoes!

Guidelines released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommend that adults aim for 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity several days a week. Ballroom dance falls into the category of moderate activity that can improve strength and help you shed those extra pounds. The amount of weight you lose depends on several individual factors, including your overall health and how vigorously you choose to dance.

When it comes to exercise, research proves that people are more likely to stick with activities they find fun. With ballroom dancing, you may have such a good time that you forget you originally hit the dance floor for exercise. You shouldn’t feel discouraged if your muscles feel sore after the first few times on the dance floor. This is normal and will subside if you continue to make dancing a regular habit.

Physical Activity Helps to Slow Cognitive Decline

In 2011 and again in 2016, the Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience studied older adults who regularly participated in ballroom dancing. They discovered that the social connections and physical exertion of dancing can help to prevent or delay the onset of dementia as people age.

Like your heart, lungs, and other major body organs, your brain can become less effective over time. Ballroom dance requires you to use spatial memory to remember dance patterns, which helps to keep your overall memory sharp. This activity can also be especially useful in combatting loneliness. Spending too much time isolated and alone can increase depression and anxiety, while ballroom dancing with or without a partner helps keep it at bay.

Ballroom Dancing Just One of Many Amenities at Solivita Living

Solivita Living is an active living community for adults 55 and older. We operate five locations in Central Florida, including Del Webb, Four Seasons, Kissimmee, Orlando, and Trilogy. Besides the benefit of living in sunny Florida, you can enjoy ballroom dancing onsite when you make one of our active retirement communities your next home. We also offer indoor swimming, tennis, pickleball, indoor walking tracks, golf, and numerous other onsite amenities for your enjoyment. Please contact Solivita Living today with additional questions about our communities or to arrange a tour.