Did you know that, according to the 2020 Census, more than 55 million Americans are 65 years old or older? What about that Florida is home to the most people ages 65 and older (4,638,000 people)?

As the second wave of Baby Boomers, people born between 1955-1964, approach the precipice of 65+, many wonder what the best senior housing option is. Is renting for seniors the best option? Perhaps the best option is buying?

The first junction you’ll face as you decide where to live is whether you need some level of assistance or if you can live completely independently. If you or your loved one isn’t safe living alone anymore, check out these living options.

However, if you’re an active adult looking to retire, this helpful guide will give you an overview of the types of senior housing options available so you can make the best choice possible.

Option #1 Age In Place

The first senior housing option is to “age in place” either in your own home or with family. Aging in place is a great option if you’d like to retain your same environment and community.

Living with family may work great for you and your loved ones. However, open and frequent communication is necessary to ensure that all parties involved are heard and are on the same page. Living with family does not work for all people as it can lead to undesirable family conflict.

Option #2 Renting For Seniors

Renting as a senior can be beneficial in terms of avoiding maintenance and upkeep. However, renting for seniors does come with drawbacks. It can be hard to find places that conform to needed accessibility accommodations.

Also, consider the amount of time you’ll end up renting. As an active adult, you still have 20 odd solid years to enjoy your home. These could be years spent investing in a property that would be a benefit to your family members down the road.

Option #3 Buy in an Active Retirement Community

One of the best housing options for seniors is in an active retirement community. Active retirement communities offer:

When you buy into an active retirement community, you set yourself and your family up for financial stability down the road. This knowledge, plus the fun you’ll have in the community, will fill your later years will ease and enjoyment.

Find the Best Senior Housing Option

If you search online for “senior housing options near me” you’ll find lots of information about renting for seniors and the senior housing option of buying. The professionals at Solivita Homes can help you sort through all of the information to find the best option for you and your family.

Contact us today to learn about the beautiful Solivita Homes community that you could have the pleasure of enjoying for many years to come.