Are you nearing retirement age and considering an out-of-state move? If so, you have likely done a lot of research already. Here at Solivita Living, we happen to think that Florida is the best retirement state, but that isn’t just our opinion.

From ideal year-round weather to significant financial benefits, trusted online researchers including Bankrate, Kiplinger, WalletHub, Market Watch, and numerous others rank Florida is the best retirement state for seniors. We explore just a few of the reasons for the high ranking below.

Hate Snow? You Will Love Florida

People don’t call Florida the Sunshine State for nothing. With the daily high temperature averaging 82 degrees in July and 61 degrees in January, it rarely gets cold in Florida. The sun can get intense during the summer, but locals have learned to structure their time outdoors for when it isn’t quite so hot.

The ideal year-round weather means that almost any day is a perfect one to visit the beach. Although no state has a perfect climate and Florida does occasionally see hurricanes, you can sign up for emergency weather alerts to give yourself plenty of time to seek shelter.

Tax and Other Financial Advantages for Seniors

Florida is just one of seven states that does not collect income tax at the state level. That is good news if you still plan to work part-time or draw from your retirement savings. Another huge financial benefit for retirees in Florida is that the state government doesn’t enforce an inheritance tax.

The cost of living in Florida is lower overall than in approximately half the other states, so your money can stretch further here. By paying less for essentials, you have more disposable income to travel, donate to charity, spoil your grandchildren, or however you see fit. As with most states, however, the cost of living in large cities can be greater than in the suburbs or rural areas.

Numerous Recreational Opportunities

Thanks to the pleasant year-round weather in Florida, there never seems to be any shortage of things to do. If beaches aren’t your thing, Florida has amusement parks, golfing, hiking, boating, fishing, and many historical sites to pique your interest among other things.

Because Florida is a leading tourist destination, it shouldn’t take much to convince your children, grandchildren, and other family and friends to come and visit you. From Walt Disney World to Epcot Center to spending the day snorkeling, your loved ones are sure to have many great memories to take home with them. They may even enjoy it so much that they decide to make Florida their home too.

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